Spring Where Are You?

It looks like “Phil” (the groundhog) was right. On February 2nd, 2015 he saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. It is now March and with a few inches of snow still on the ground we can see  his prediction coming true.

This winter has been an interesting one. It started off pretty mild and after the harsh winter of last year I think everyone let out a silent sigh of relief. December wasn’t too bad. In January we had one day off on account of the frigid cold and a few delays from minor snowfall, but nothing too concerning. Then came February.

February is always an iffy month. The weather could go either way with some years bringing us warm and mild weather and other years dumping feet of snow across the city. This year we saw the latter.

In the middle of February we had an unexpected and greatly welcomed week-long break due to snow and cold. It was an amazing week of sleeping in late, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. Everyone enjoyed their week of relaxation. But the snow needs to stop.

It has been winter for way too long. With the arrival of March I’m looking ahead to longer days, warmer weather and less layers of clothing. Not more snow. I want to be outside, not cooped up in my house watching movies and Netflix constantly. I love hot chocolate but I’m ready to trade it out for smoothies, milkshakes and lemonade. I’m ready to get going on the rest of this year.

Winter is fun while it lasts, but when it overstays it’s welcome we are all ready to say goodbye to the cold and hello to spring.


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