Students grade teachers using popular website

Teachers have been grading their students for centuries. Now, with the help of the website, students can grade their teachers right back.

The popular website allows students to rate teachers on a one to five scale based on categories such as helpfulness, clarity and easiness.

Students reported leaving comments about their experiences in class and their suggestions for other students. With more than 1 million ratings and 4 million college students logging on monthly to add comments and read reviews, Rate My Professor is a powerful source that helps college students across the country pick which classes are the best fit for them.

According to Alex Stuckey, a 2012 Ohio University alum and current political writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the website’s ratings help students make sure they are taking good classes. “I would recommend that people use it. I avoided a lot of really terrible professors by using that website.”

Stuckey also said the ratings are typically spot on and can affect students on a larger level than just class choice. “That can be the difference between having a really great class that determines your minor and then having like the worst class ever.”

OU biology professor Scott Moody has a different perspective.

“Unfortunately yes, these scores do affect classes taken; students want to obtain a good grade without working very hard.”

He said that instead of using the website to pick good professors, students use the website to share which teachers are the easiest.

While professors and students differ on the website, they can all agree that the popularity and accessibility of the website have insured that it will be around on college campuses for years to come.

Originally published on on July 18, 2015


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