Summer 2016: 5 Days Until Spain

I believe it is important to try new things, even when they are outside of your comfort zone. This applies to food, travelling, music, activities, people and more. The bigger the adventure or risk, the more you can learn from it. This is something I value in myself and those I surround myself with. Every new thing, whatever it may be, is an opportunity to grow.

I will be living by my ‘try new things’ mantra this summer when I travel to Spain with a group of students from my school. This trip will push me out of my comfort zone on many different levels, and I look forward to learning more about the Spanish culture and myself over the two weeks I am gone. I go to a very large high school where class sizes are 800+ and you don’t know everyone’s name. While I will be travelling with students from my school, I do not know all of them and will have to get to know them on the long flight. This isn’t too far out of my comfort zone- I like meeting new people- but it will allow me to make new friends from my community that I may have never interacted with if it weren’t for this trip.

While in Spain I will be staying with a host family for a week- something I have never done before. I will be staying in a city half way around the world with a family I don’t know and I will be expected to communicate in Spanish, I language I know, but at a low level. This will probably end up being the farthest I have gone out of my comfort zone. Ever. I am not nervous to try new foods or pay in a different currency or fly in a plane, but I am nervous about staying with a family I may have a hard time communicating with. I am also excited. I know I will learn more Spanish then I ever could in a classroom and I will be immersed in a culture where I will learn about so many new things and grow as a person because I will have to trust myself and my abilities.

This is my biggest adventure yet and I am overjoyed by the opportunity to grow as a student and a person. I can’t wait to write about my adventure and share my stories!



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