Review: Two Cities Pizza

The decor at Two Cities Pizza is as unique as its food selections.

When I walked into the old, art-deco building that houses the new pizzeria, I was immediately transported into the city. The restrooms are styled like subways, the decor is sleek and modern, and the pizza brings a little bit of Chicago and New York to Mason.

Over the course of the night I tried grapes, mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut on pizza (separately of course), and each time I was impressed with the flavor and mixture of ingredients.

I started with Rhythm Road- a Chicago style pizza topped with mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, red onions, mozzarella, bacon, sour cream, and scallions. The dough wasn’t as crispy as I usually like it, but putting mashed potatoes on pizza is a genius idea. It was filling, but not too heavy and the sour cream and bacon on top helped break up the thick, richness of the potatoes.

Next up was The Globetrotter- a New York style pizza with sauerkraut, mettwurst, red onion, scallions, and a beer cheese drizzle. I was worried this pizza would have too many flavors happening at once, but they all worked in perfect harmony and were each subtle enough to compliment each other and add to one unified flavor. My favorite part was the warm beer cheese on top. It went really well with the crust and added another dimension to an already interesting pizza. What I really liked about the New York style was the option to add sesame seeds to the crust. They added more flavor and I appreciated the extra thought that went into creating that option.

Last but not least, I tried the Miss Brooklyn- a New York style pizza with goat cheese, red grapes, roasted walnuts, arugula and a balsamic drizzle. I ordered this pizza with gluten free crust, just to see how it compared. Almost anything on the menu can be made gluten free, which is a nice change for people who can’t have gluten and are used to a limited menu. This pizza was a little dry for me, as it was a white pizza and lacked sauce, but I did like the combination of toppings and the gluten-free crust tasted exactly like the normal crust, which is a huge accomplishment.

Overall, I had a great experience and enjoyed all of the pizzas I ordered, as well as the decor and atmosphere of the building. Two Cities is an exciting addition to Mason and I can’t wait to try more from their menu.


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