Elon: Semester One is Done!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a little update now that my first semester of college is done! It’s hard to believe I have the first one under my belt already. This semester has been all about change, transition, and finding out where I fit in on Elon’s beautiful campus. I have learned a lot about myself and I can’t wait to go back in January!

When I moved in back in August, I struggled more than I thought I would. All of my friends had already moved into school, almost all of them are going to school in Ohio, and it was hitting me for the first time just how far away and separated I would be from everything that I was used to. I wouldn’t have my friends or family to bail me out if I needed them. I’m not proud of this, but I actually turned to my mom at one point and said something to the effect of, “This was a mistake, I should have just gone to UC.” Don’t get me wrong, UC is a great school, but I was upset that I was so willing to give up on my dream of going to school outside of Ohio after only a few hours on Elon’s campus. I said that statement out of nervousness and fear of what the future would bring once my parents left.

Luckily that thought was nothing but a distant memory after the first weekend. I quickly realized how great of a fit Elon would be for me and started to enjoy being in such a different environment and have my freedom so far from home. Over this past semester it has made me so happy to think that I have two homes in two wonderful places. North Carolina has been good to me so far and I can’t wait to continue to explore all it has to offer.

Let me start off by saying how awesome my roommate is. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I feel very blessed to have met her. She rocks. She is no-nonesense and puts me in my place when needed, funny and able to make me feel better when I’m experiencing my frequent spells of indecision, caring and good at giving advice and, most importantly, is able to put up with me on a daily basis, which is a feat my family considers nothing short of a miracle. She has made the entire transition to college a lot easier and I love her. She’s from Akron, so I feel like we are a good representation of Ohio for all of the Elon students who “have never thought about Ohio as a place people live before.” (Those were the actual words used by one of my friends who is clearly not from Ohio).

Right now I am an International and Global Studies major with a regional concentration in Latin America. I am also trying to figure out which combination of Communications, Spanish, History, and Latin American Studies will work best for me. I’m a little all over the place but I know I will figure it out eventually! On campus I am a part of the Elon College Fellows Program and I have met some awesome people through the program so far. We are all going to DC for a week in January and I am really excited! I also play club soccer and am a part of InterVarsity, a Christian organization. I have also been trying to consistently volunteer at the Family Abuse Services in our county, which provides different services to women and men looking to escape domestic violence situations. I am planning on starting Air Force ROTC this coming semester and I am anxious but excited to get into it and see what I think. This past semester was very busy and I’m looking forward to having a busy spring when I get back!

The past three months have also provided me with a lot of learning opportunities. I’ve learned not only how to live on my own, but how to compromise with those I live with and realize when the battle just isn’t worth fighting. I’ve also had to learn to deal with my high school friendships changing and understanding that I’m not going to be able to stay friends with everyone. I have always stressed myself out trying to see everyone and keep in touch with everyone and I’ve learned to not be as hard on myself when things don’t work out because communication is a two way street and not everything is my fault. I’m still trying to navigate balancing my life from home with my life at school, but there isn’t a perfect solution and I know it will take more time.

To finish up this post I just want to make a list of all of the things I love about Elon. I made it a goal for myself to slow down and find things about my life and my school to be grateful for this past semester and I feel like I did a fairly good job. Our President, Leo Lambert, did this in his convocation speech to help put our education at Elon into perspective at the beginning of the year and it stuck with me. Here it goes:

  1. The beautiful campus: not a day goes by that I don’t look up at the huge oak trees around campus and the brick buildings and realize how lucky I am.
  2. The people: the majority of Elon students are out of state and this really helped me at the beginning of the year since I knew everyone was in the same position as me. On top of that, everyone is so nice and genuinely loves being at Elon.
  3. The small class sizes: I knew every single one of my professors personally and they all knew my name. I was able to work on multiple group projects and have meaningful lessons and conversations in the presence of passionate, dedicated professionals who not only care about their paychecks or research, but care about the interests and mental wellbeing of Elon students.
  4. The small town: there were nights I wished I was closer to the city, but then there were many more nights were I appreciated the peace and quiet of the town and its family friendly atmosphere. I have always felt safe walking across campus and I know this is a luxury not a lot of college women have. We are also close enough to a lot of wonderful cities to get the best of both worlds.
  5. The weather: Its definitely warmer and I have definitely gotten used to it. We still have had snow already though and had a beautiful fall.
  6. The “Y’alls”: I occasionally catch myself saying this but haven’t converted completely. It just makes everyone sound nicer.

I could list a lot more things but these are just a few of the ones that made my past semester special and enjoyable. I am so happy to be home but I also can’t wait to get back!


The Lindner College of Arts and Sciences, Elon, North Carolina

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