Europe: 2017

So far, so good for my New Years resolution to post more often! I’m back at school and had a lot of free time today, so I put “write a blog post” on my to-do list. Here’s hoping this will be the start of a positive habit. Only time will tell though. Keep reading to hear more about the German section of my vacation!


Day 7: Regensburg

This morning we were able to relax on the boat and take some time to refresh before arriving in Regensburg, Germany. The town only has about 150,000 people, making it half the size of Bratislava. Our tour guide for the day was excellent. She had taken a “peace and conflict” class and was able to provide a lot of information, along with personal comments about the city that she calls home.

Our tour was a city tour and brought us to a wide variety of landmarks. We saw the cathedral (you can’t go to a European town and not see the cathedral), the old city walls and fort that protected the original army and townspeople from native tribes and other invaders, Oskar Schindler’s house, the hat maker’s shop who made Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter hat for Alice in Wonderland, a David and Goliath mural that I found particularly interesting, the oldest sausage house in Germany, and the oldest coffee house in Germany.


David and Goliath mural in Regensburg. August 5, 2017

A couple of side notes: I did not know much about Oskar Schindler before this trip and made sure to watch Schindler’s List when I got back home. His story is very powerful and extraordinary and looking back, I am very happy we were able to see into a small part of his remarkable life. We also made sure to have coffee and sausages from the famous places and while I was slightly disappointed in the coffee (I thought the coffee in Mondsee, Austria was better), the sausage was the best I have ever had and I wish I had gotten more.

Regensburg was a really great size for me and I really enjoyed the city and our day. That night on the ship was the Captain’s Dinner, so Leah and I dressed up, attempted to dance, and had a grand old time!

Day 8: Nuremberg

Again, we had another relaxing morning on the boat – our last one – before we arrived in Nuremberg. Nuremberg was special to me because it was very close to where my mom and dad lived and met when they lived in Germany. We have never been back to visit as a family, something we really need to do, but it meant a lot to me to see their old stomping grounds.

Uncle Jon, Leah, and I did the World War 2 tour and saw the sites of the Nazi rallies and the Nuremberg Trials. Visiting and learning about these places made me realize how little I learned about them in school, which really upset me. On top of that, to look up at a place where Hitler once stood was disgusting, chilling, shocking, and powerful all at once. I don’t feel like those words really describe the feeling I had, but I don’t know how else to describe it because it was a feeling I had never had before. I want to learn more about these sites moving forward because we have to be educated in order to not repeat the past.


What remains of the stadium where the Nuremberg Nazi Rallies were held. August 6, 2017

We had some time in the afternoon to wander around the Old Town center of Nuremberg and we stopped to eat some fantastic crepes and look inside of their Catholic Church. That night we had our last dinner on the boat and packed up to get ready to leave for Paris in the morning!

Click on images below to enlarge and view as a slideshow.




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